Meal time is family time! Just because an infant is being breastfed doesn't mean that the father is out in the cold during feeding time -- on the contrary, the father plays an important role in making sure that his family has everything they need for a fulfilling feeding.
Emily Webber posted a photo on Facebook of her baby's father drying her hair while she fed their daughter. "And the best part is I didn't even ask he offered!" Webber wrote in the comments of the photo posted on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk page. "Take notes dads every mommy is gonna want this kinda [sic] chivalry!"

Webber is clearly an adept nurser -- it takes lots of practice to be able to snap a photo in a mirror with one hand while feeding a baby with another! But dads' support is crucial even in the very beginning, says Dads can actually help to increase milk flow by ensuring mom has the water, snacks and pillows she needs to be comfortable. Many men softly massage their partners' shoulders, neck or breasts to help her relax and let her milk come down. Dads also have a unique perspective on the mother and child's positions, and can often spot the cause of a positioning problem. 

The truth is that the father is an important factor in ensuring a fulfilling meal time for the entire family. "Some even go as far as referring to the breastfeeding triad (mother, baby and father) instead of a nursing dyad," says The folks who commented on Webber's post seem to agree; almost all of the 1,100 comments in the post's first five days were wildly supportive of the small family.

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Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Wednesday, June 22, 2016